Kanoodl: intelligent music.

The background music in your business drives sales, customer sentiment, and staff morale. Get Kanoodl to make sure the music in your business, is the music for your business.

  • Increase sales.
  • Create happy customers.
  • Improve staff morale.

Smart Music

Kanoodl allows your customers to influence the music playing around them. This means your background music is always playing the music that is best for any group of customers at any given time. Simply select a genre to get started and Kanoodl does the rest!

Happy Customers

When customers love the music playing at your business they are happier. Music connects with everyone on an emotional level, make sure it's music that makes them happy.

Device Support

Kanoodl is a responsive web app. This means it runs in most modern browsers across a wide range of devices. Use your laptop, tablet, phone, or anything with a modern browser and an internet connection and you can have Kanoodl streaming in your business!

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