The FAQs

Kanoodl is a background music service for businesses. We allow businesses to go beyond just playing static playlists in their stores and restaurants and instead, allow their customers to engage with and influence the music that is playing.
A businesses customers can interact with music simply by launching our Kanoodl web app in their devices browser. Once they select the business that they're at, they log in with Facebook and are then able to vote on songs. The currently playing track will be displayed and the customer can give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down, to indicate if they like the music. Kanoodl handles the rest and will intelligently decide what to play next!
Nope! Unlike other background music services that function more like a jukebox, Kanoodl makes it easy for a businesses customers to quickly and easily influence music, for free!
A business can choose to place Kanoodl QR codes in their store (on tables, shopping carts, etc.) which then allow their customers to easily scan the codes and immediately start interacting with the music! If a business decides not to use QR codes, the customers can simply launch the Kanoodl web app which will automatically find their location via GPS so that they can check-in to the business they're currently visiting.